My business minded husband has conditioned me to think in terms of "quarters" and to set goals, mark time, assess budgets and the what-not accordingly.

The First Quarter of 2015 has passed and has set the trajectory for the rest of the year. I have officially started a family business. I have also completed a small business training program for a community project I'm involved with. We've planned our family vacation, created a family budget, made projections, made plans for the kids' birthdays, scheduled events and activities and yadda, yadda, yadda. All of that happened in the First Quarter. We congratulate ourselves because we've been busy. We've accomplished things. Crossed things off "The List".

I appreciate this orderliness to life. I like to be able to say that I've done "stuff". But I wonder sometimes if this parsing of time and dates and schedules and goals go against the fabric of living? Or place too many demands on meeting expectations?

In the Third Quarter of this year, I turn 40. FORTY. That sounds like I've reached a pinnacle. I'll be in the Middle Quarter of my life so to speak. I'm supposed to be wise and accomplished or at least own property and have assets.

In many ways, I'm not prepared. Or at least not prepared to face the 40 that carries with it all of these expectations. I'm still very much in the throes of figuring this life thing out. But then I remember that time is a construct. This timeline is self imposed. We make more lists and set benchmarks according to our age: By 25 I will do this, by 30 that. Some of us are so good at list making that we forget to allow room for life to happen.

And life does happen. We cannot foresee or plan for or anticipate each and every little occurrence.
Are you making room for Life?


Anonymous said…
Yes Corey - lists! good points -
some organization & "crossing off"
is great for the soul. I think 40 is finding you in a lovely place - the children are well and growing - healthy life-style- you have plans -make art -teach - you're Living Life! - congrats and thanks for all you do for me & others. AND you look about 30 maybe! lol xxx INANSI