We Got a Pet Cat and Why This Matters

I have written honestly about the struggles my family has gone through during these many years. Struggle is part of the human condition, I understand that now. I also understand that there is a fine line between struggle and opportunity. It is what you make it.

Recently we got a pet cat. While this may seem like a mundane ocurrence to most families, I feel like it is a milestone for ours. Taking on the responsibility of raising and caring for an animal means that we have reached a point in our family healing where we can look beyond our selves, our own needs and incorporate the needs of another living being.

It also means that we are living in a place that supports additional life. In other words, we have the physical space for a cat to roam, play, explore and be happy. Not only does the cat have room to stretch, but so do we. We are able to open the door wide, invite in the breeze and take in the view of the mountains or the ocean, depending on which way we look. The kids have free range to explore Nature’s playground.

Samson, yes, that is his name because as Cy says, “I don’t want a wimpy cat”, is a marker in our family’s journey. We are strong. We do overcome.