The Last Year

It has been more than a year since I have written a post for this journal. And wow, what a year it has been!

I have been away for so long because we were experiencing many changes and going through many transitions. We (I) needed the protectiveness of a cocoon to be quiet, get settled, find solid ground so as to hear the Divine voice of wisdom and reason.

So where are we and what are we doing? Are we beautiful butterflies now?

We are still living at The Source Farm Ecovillage. The experience of living in a community dedicated to education, environment and community service has been rewarding. We have upgraded from the tiny one room cabin pictured in the last post, to a modest house with a back porch (our favorite hangout spot). We also have a modest residence in Kingston to facilitate our fluid lifestyle.

The children are AMAZING! Yes, AMAZING with all caps! Their creativity, kindness, compassion, ingenuity and all around amazing-ness fill my heart. They enjoy endless freedoms for discovery and play yet are some of the most responsible children I've ever met. The school they attend has animals of various sorts that the kids are responsible for. They race to do their chores and fight over who gets to carry the compost bucket! I am grateful that they still find joy in these daily tasks. It is something I am still cultivating in myself...laundry anyone??

And speaking of laundry, I have been making and selling laundry soap and other natural cleaning products at our local organic farmer's market. The venture has surprised me with its success! In fact, the business is GROWING! It's officially a family business now with the addition of my sister and brother to the team. We have also recruited a talented cousin to be our graphic designer. We are moving the brand into the international market and look forward to this new phase. You can follow our adventures here.

'But I thought you were an artist?' I am. I had a number of successful shows over this past year both in Jamaica and abroad, namely Switzerland. My creative practice is no longer confined to just "painting". I have opted to live a creative life and bring my design sensibilities into my every day world. It makes for better living.

And that's what I'm all about these days, better living. A year ago, I was in search of just that...something better. In fact, the search for something better is what prompted this whole move to Jamaica. It's scary to look into the great unknown and jump off the ledge. But I did it. We did it. And I'm happy to say, we have learned that we have wings and that we CAN fly. Maybe we are butterflies after all.

This is me on my 39th birthday...the last year of my 30's and life never looked so sweet!
Live your best life.