Ten Reasons I Sometimes Feel Like I am Living an Episode of LOST

I admit, I was enamored with LOST. I watched it religiously, passionately, voraciously. Caught up in the symbolism and philosophy, I would analyze each and every episode (usually in a phone conversation with my sister).

So now it is that I live on an island and I often find myself thinking, "What would John do?" (that is, the John before he got possessed by the evilness). Maybe these things are inherent to life on an island? At least, life on a tropical island...

1. People actually say “off the island” when travelling abroad. For example, “Sorry I wasn’t able to return your call. I was ‘off the island’ for a week on business.” I often want to ask if they left the island by secret submarine or weird time travel portal.

2. There are two types of people here. Those that think it is better “off the island”, like Jack and those that feel it is better to stay, like John. A former colleague was in the Jack camp and pulled me aside one day to exclaim, “This place (Jamaica) is a sinking ship. How do I get out?” She then proceeded to grill me on Canadian immigration laws (of which I know nothing).

3. Older ladies make strange prophetic statements. When we first moved into our apartment in Kingston, our landlord was an elderly woman who suffered a severe stroke. I met her only once in the parking garage and she had these words for me, “The apartment was waiting for you.” She died 2 weeks later.

4. I found The Source. It’s an organic farm and home to a stream with a waterfall and all kinds of good positive energy, though no Hurly to guard us from evil.

5. The “Others” exist. I’ve seen their ruins but instead of abandoned industrial ‘hatches’ filled with scientfic experiments gone awry, they are broken down sugar plantations and former great houses...experiments in colonization gone awry.

6. While I have yet to encounter a polar bear clamoring through the jungle, I have had many oddly divine encounters with birds. (You can read about them here and here.) And since moving to the farm, I have encountered giant spiders, hop toads, scorpions, owls, hawks, mongoose and bats though I think the scorpion was the only one with a message.

7. Almost all of the expats I’ve met feel like they have been reborn in Jamaica. The person they were before landing on this island and the person they are here are very different from each other. Redemption is around every corner and one is able to redefine themselves to (hopefully) be a better person in their new island life.

8. Tangled web of association or 2 degrees of separation. This place is small and everyone is connected in some strange way either in this island life or in their previous life abroad. These connections are always brought up in the most enigmatic ways. For instance, just last weekend we were at our local farmer's market where we met a lovely woman with whom we chatted. Suddenly, she turns to my husband and exclaims, "But wait! I know who you are. Yes. I know who you are!" We both looked at her stunned and nervously frightened. I was thinking, "Tell me, please. Who is he??? An alien? A ghost?"

9. There is no black smoke here to chase you through the jungle in a heated panic, but there is Kumina and Obeah which could have you looking over your shoulder.

10. The gorgeous landscape. Each morning I get up and watch the sun rise over the Blue Mountains. In the evening, I watch the sun set over the ocean. It's stunning, breath taking, awe inspiring. It reminds me that there is a larger force at work here and that if we are open to it, amazing things will happen.