Coming into Focus

Life gets fogging from time to time. There are many ways to clear the fog: prayer, meditation, soul searching, goal setting, divination...

We have learned of a new way to remove the gray mist and regain focus. A number of weeks ago we met with a Yoruba priest who gave us (well, Mo more specifically) a reading. In actuality, he just communicated what the elders/ancestors/spirits were saying. It sounds mystical/new age/hippy-dippy but it wasn't.

Baba Yomi heralds from the Bronx. He was dressed in a plaid short sleeve shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops. We sat outside at a picnic table with a notebook and pen. A few opening prayers were said and then a seemingly random (although not) assortment of rocks were cast on a woven placemat and then "read".

Yoruba divination or Ifa is ancient. It originated in West Africa and was carried to the Caribbean and North America by slaves. Here is an excellent synopsis of Ifa by UNESCO.

What amazed me about the reading was how deeply it resonated with our situation. We have some large decisions to make. Both of us have been feeling confused and lost. Baba granted us access to the bigger picture. He gave us perspective...wisdom...and blessings. The skies are beginning to clear and we are able to  see the trail markers once more and continue on our journey.

We are being led in very interesting directions. Changes abound. It is a very exciting time.
Until soon...
Peace and wellness,

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