What has happened at the Boston marathon has shaken me. One of my favorite times of the year in Brooklyn was early November--NYC marathon time. The route was only a few blocks from our apartment. The plan was usually to meet up with some friends for brunch and then head to the race...or vice versa...head to the race with friends and then eat brunch. Either way, it was always a great day. I loved the humanity of it. Each runner has their own reason for entering the marathon. Each spectator is filled with pure joy and enthusiasm as they cheer/support/love each runner. The experience always made me teary eyed and always, always restored my faith in people. I'm guessing the Boston marathon would be a similar experience...a gathering filled with lots of cheering and pats on the back and "you can do it" shouted at complete strangers.

Jamaicans are no strangers to newsfeed each day is filled with stories with gruesome headlines. I cringe at how wicked and evil people can be. It makes me want to retreat to the hills and never look back. 

But then I think of these words:
Photo: Some good advice today.

Video advice from Mr Rogers on how to talk to your children about scary news:

And these:

And these:

There are still helpers out there and lovers and people who choose kindness over ego. 

I hope you are among them.
Love and Light,