Father's Day

Dear Poppo,

Happy Father's Day! I miss you more and more every day. (I thought this was supposed to get easier as time goes by...) I miss your laugh, your warm smile. I miss your abundant generosity and your quiet support. I miss the care you take in doing tasks. I miss the way you write in all caps like an architect (a profession I think you would have excelled at given the opportunity). I miss just hearing your voice and all the love that is conveyed, even if you are just commenting on the weather.

Everyday I see something that reminds me of you. And while I know that you are here in that cosmic way, I really just want you to be here---flesh, blood and bone.

The children miss you too. Shine comments almost daily about how he wishes he could see you again. It's time for him to learn how to ride his bike and I remember how you patiently taught me in the alley behind our house. You held the seat of my pink Huffy and ran countless times up and down, up and down until I finally got the hang of it. And Song has her own sweet memories of you. She runs to your picture and points and squeals whenever we are talking about you. Maybe she remembers sleeping in your arms for three hours while Mo and I went to his office Christmas party. You were afraid that if you put her down she would wake up and cry because we weren't there. That you held her all that time means so much to me.

I can't tell you enough what a wonderful father you were. You went out of your way to show us how much you cared. I'm so happy that you were the man I got to call Dad.

I love you, Dad.
Wishing you much peace,
Corey Rae

Remembering a Brooklyn Father's Day when Shine was brand new.