Hyper Speed

Many Moons ago, when I worked as an academic adviser at a Brooklyn art school, one of my amazing students shared with me a poem she had written. I don't remember the poem very well, only that it was about the world and our lives speeding up to a point where everything explodes...or implodes...or whatever atoms do when they go really really really fast. (Sorry physics friends...I may be a lost cause...but I love you...and physics and Einstein...) Anyway, my life has been like that lately. I feel like I'm in overdrive. I wake up Monday morning and it feels like an hour goes by and suddenly it's Friday morning. And yes, life is like that even on a "quiet little island" in the Caribbean.

This is what Hyper Speed looks like in the tropics:


Peace and Wellness,
P.S. There are many new and exciting things happening for us including a segment I will be featured in on The Susan Show. (She is like the Jamaican Oprah!) More on all of that very soon!!!


Heather said…
I'm so proud of you...as always.

You look gorgeous! The children are spectacular! And your husband is adorable! There are many blessings! Xoxoxo
Rae said…
thank you, heather! i can't believe it has been over a month since i posted anything. june is tomorrow??? really?? as always, i love your support! hug up your kiddos!!