Spring Cleaning

Spring and its promise of renewed life and new beginnings is a great time to throw open the windows and get the gunk out. Mo and I have immersed ourselves in Spring cleaning and I'm not just talking about our house. A few weeks ago we met with a holistic medical doctor. Think of him as part Naturopath, part Psychiatrist, part Reiki master and Guru of all things positive and Earth loving. The program that he prescribed for Mo and I is one of intensive detoxification. We are following a vegan diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, taking herbal elixirs that promote liver, gallbladder and colon function, getting rid of the parasites, exercising daily and receiving biweekly Rife treatments.

In our first consultation, we were asked a series of questions including, "Have you thought about your life's purpose?"; "Do you have any regrets?"; "Have you experienced any trauma in your life?" In our follow up visits these questions and our responses have been revisited. The idea is that we purify not only our bodies, but our thoughts as well.

This detox experience has been eye opening and truly life changing. In the first week, I had an increase in energy that I have not experienced in well over six years. The edgy mood swings vanished. I found I had more patience and felt more calm and balanced overall. Since adopting a vegan diet, I have found that my body is actually craving fresh foods. I reach for bananas and star apples instead of carbohydrates when I want a snack. Strange little bumps and areas of discoloration on my skin have cleared up and gone away. My teeth are whiter!! (This was a side effect I wasn't expecting, but plaque forms when the body is acidic instead of alkaline and by eating a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, the body returns to its natural alkaline state and the plaque disappears.) Mo and I have also been communicating better. We find ourselves on the same page more often and laughing, relaxing and enjoying life more. I have even noticed a change in the children. I believe in the saying, "If you want happy children, you need happy parents first."

The human body is made to run at optimal health. It is when we start to pollute it by eating processed non-foods,  using household chemicals (that are ironically made to "clean" our environments), focusing on negative thoughts/experiences that our bodies become susceptible to disease. I encourage each of you to take a look at your lifestyle. Look inside you cupboards, assess your goals and dreams, take an honest look at your relationships. Have you discovered what your purpose is? Are you living Joy? Are you feeling your Best? It may be time to detox...

Until soon...
Peace and wellness,

*Coming soon: A look inside my cupboards...what does eating whole foods look like?