"To the World!"

This morning Shine asked me to join him in saying, "To the World!" over and over and over again in a very joyful and animated fashion. It is a common expression here that signifies doing "big things" or "taking it to the next level". Shine had a different explanation:

Shine, "Do you know what 'To the World' means?"
Me, "No, please tell me."
Shine, "It means that there is a portal that goes from Earth up to Heaven. Then there is another portal that goes from Heaven into Outer Space. Your energy goes zip (swooping hand gesture) out of your body and through the two portals 'To the World'. "
Me, "Wow, that sounds pretty exciting."
Shine, "Yes, it is." Pause. "You know, the Little Lord Jesus is already there, right?"
Me, "Really?"
Shine, "Yes. He was born Higher than us, so He got there first. We will see Him once we go through the portals. Let's play Legos now."