The Mom's Staycation

I am being granted a vacation or staycation, rather. This weekend, Mo is taking the kiddos to his parents'. I am staying myself. I am both thrilled and panicked by this idea. I have not been "on my own" for well, for a very, very long time. I am overwhelmed by the idea of having 56 straight hours all to me. My goal for this staycation is to finally get the studio set up and get creating. I have committed to having a vendor's stand at the Marcus Garvey Festival February 19th. While very excited about the event, I have yet to organize my stuff.

On the To Do List:
--Dye fabric for sarongs
--Cut and sew fabric for wrap around pants
--Assemble new line of fabric jewelry
--Organize the studio for all of the above to occur
--Lay in the hammock and read
--Make use of the jacuzzi tub and give my poor back a break
--Try out all the yummy recipes I know my family would be less than thrilled to eat
--Catch up on some Art gazing

I will let you know how it goes.
Until soon...
Peace and Wellness,