Life is Beautiful

Dear Poppo,
My heart aches that I am so far away right now. I want to be there to hold your hand, to comfort you and tell you, "it's okay." I would speak these words to you instead of writing them...

I started calling you Poppo after I saw the movie, Life is Beautiful. It is what the little boy called his father. The movie moved me deeply. It is the story of a father and son facing unspeakable horrors yet holding on to Hope and finding Joy amid so much pain. The father went to great lengths to protect his son from the cruelty we humans sometimes inflict on each other. The father reminded me of you and how you dedicated your life to loving and protecting us, your family.

You have taught me many things. I am so very grateful for your guidance and advice. I have never doubted your love. Even when you didn't understand my choices, you were always there for me. I knew that no matter how foolish or selfish or stubborn I was acting, you would be there loving me...supporting me...forgiving me. Now that I am a parent, I realize how much patience you must have had. How much hurt you must have endured at my hands. How much you must have worried. Yet, you held your tongue and you loved.

This life with you has been beautiful. Although this journey through cancer has been surreal. I don't know why this had to happen to have always been the good guy...the guy that wins in the end. I will miss you deeply, but you will live on in our hearts and in the smiles of your grandchildren. There are many people waiting for you in Heaven. Your parents, your favorite cousin who always made you laugh (and oh how I love your laugh!), your best friend from childhood, your sister-in-law, your father-in-law (who I know is waiting with a beer and a good rhyme!), aunts and uncles and many others will be waiting with open arms. It is time to be free of the pain. It is time to be free of all the hurt and unkindness that being human makes us endure. Be peace. Be light. Be love.

When I see the hammock swinging in the breeze, I know that it will be you visiting.
I love you, Dad.

Corey Rae


Melanie Rinn Martinek said…
This is beautiful, Corey. You are a wonderful and loving daughter. What more could a father want? Love to you and your family. ~Melanie xo
Heather said…
Oh my sweet love...I'm crying with I'm sure to put those words down was as hard as anything you've ever done. I love you so much and I am holding you all close in my heart and in my prayers. He raised you all to be amazing adults/parents/friends...he did awesome!