Chasing Rainbows

Halfway through the first month of the new year and I finally have some time to reflect on how 2012 has started for us. I guess I can't complain that my days, hours, minutes have been filled to the brim with mostly exciting activity...

We boarded our plane at JFK airport early Saturday morning on December 31st, 2011. The predawn taxi ride was very similar to the one that began our adventure on June 15, 2010. We arrived home just past 1pm in the afternoon, tired and hungry but happy to be back. Our house was quiet long before the midnight hour. (I think I took a quick rest in the hammock and said "Happy New Year" to Mo around 9:30pm.) We didn't miss ringing in 2012, however, because promptly at the stroke of midnight, our neighborhood erupted in fireworks! We sleepily greeted each other with wishes for a great New Year and rolled over and went back to sleep. I'm sure if we would have gotten out of bed we would have seen a spectacular sight...but we need something to look forward to in 2013~

Sunday morning we packed a small bag and set off to Manchester for our Christmas/New Year's celebration with Mo's parents. I have to say, it was one of the most lovely days. The children played joyously with their cousins, the adults ate and drank and laughed heartily. The sun shone and we basked in the simplicity of togetherness. Long after the children went to sleep, the adults sat around the dining table talking and laughing some more. We discussed everything from life and fate to politics to Dance Hall artistes to world banking practices. Some of it was very heavy, yet we laughed. I think that is one of the things I appreciate the most about Jamaican people...that in the face of adversity, they can laugh! That there is always a bright side to look on! I gained some important insights about Jamaican husband...his family...and myself during the course of the night. I am grateful for the experience and in time I will share more of what I learned from this wonderful night. It has helped immensely with our transition back to island life.

On Monday we returned to Kingston. For the entire journey we followed a complete double rainbow!! We could see both ends of both rainbows...and we could see where they touched the earth. It was absolutely incredible! I never saw a rainbow touch the ground before!! We delighted in this wonderful omen and gave thanks for the many blessings that we have.

This year is sure to have its challenges but we are optimistic about what is ahead.

Many blessings to you,

Image borrowed from the Internet. (Where's the camera when you really need it?)