Angels Among Us

Our bedtime routine includes a moment when we reflect on what happened during the day and express our thankfulness for all the positive things we experienced. That moment is followed by singing a sometimes quiet, sometimes loud; sometimes serious, sometimes silly, song. The other night we were singing one of our favorite loud and silly songs that I used to sing around the campfire at girl scout camp. I know it as "The Old Austrian" or "The Avalanche Song". (If you are not familiar with this great piece of musical genius, click here.)

Shine likes to recommend things to interrupt the Austrain's yodel. These interruptions usually include, an avalanche, a grizzly bear, a billy goat, a teeny mouse, a cute kitty, a puppy dog, etc. On this particular night, he offered up a new interruption...a selatun (pronounced: sell'-a-toon). Here's how our conversation went:

Me: "An old Austrian went yodelling on a mountain top high. When along came a..."
Shine: "Selatun."
Me: "Selatun? What's a selatun?"
Shine: "They're angels that spread peace all over the place. They're in the Bible, you know."
Me: "Oh, they are? No, I didn't know."
Shine:" They can rescue you from hurricanes and earthquakes. They make the thunder stop too, but they let the rain stay. Rain is good. We need rain."
Me:"Really? Wow. How do you spell Selatun?"
Shine: "Ssss-S-eee-E-lllll-L-A-T-U-N." "They're invisible too, but only when they are fighting the Devil and other bad guys. They have little daggers to fight them with."
Me: "I see."
Shine: "No, you can't see them because they are invisible."
Me: "Oh."
Shine: "But when they are done fighting the bad guys, then you can see them."
Me: "Okay. Can you see them?"
Shine: (with very BIG eyes and getting very close to my face) "YES!" "They make a tinkle, tinkle sound when they appear."
Me: "Are they here now?"
Shine: "NO. They are in a battle brawl with the bad guys. But they'll be back."
Me: "Okay."
Shine: "So, can you finish the song now?"