Helping Hands

This weekend, we participated in the annual Beach Clean Up sponsored by the Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET). What began as a small group of volunteers picking up trash on a small area of beach just outside of Kingston, has twenty years later, turned into a HUGE national volunteer day with clean up sites all around the island.

We packed up the kids and our trusty car Friday and set out for Fort Rocky on the Palisdoes, a narrow strip of beach that juts out into the Kingston Harbor. We had gorgeous views of the mountains as well as some great glimpses of the skyline. Our site had the double bonus of the ruins of an old cargo ship run ashore...for this novice archeologist, quite exciting indeed!! In the short amount of time we helped (it was actually unbelievably hot and we didn't want to burn out or up the little ones), we collected over 7 pounds of trash!! We then grabbed some complimentary snacks and set out for Fort Rocky where JET had more snacks, resting tents and a dj! The fort, also in ruins, was pretty amazing to explore.

It felt great to be a part of the larger community and to do something so simple yet so very important. If you are interested in finding out more about environmental issues in Jamaica, please check out these links:

Jamaica Environmental Trust
National Environmental Protection Agency
ECCO Magazine
Treasure Beach

Sorry I have no pictures to post...our camera battery needed to be charged. There are some pictures coming in through JET and NEPA so visit their sites and you may catch a glimpse of us!!

**UPDATE** We've just received an email with some photos of us at the Beach Clean Up...Thank you to the kind lady at NEPA! Enjoy! 

Peace and Wellness,