Celebrating Simplicity

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate, we spent the day indulging in simplicity. My morning started with a beautiful hand picked bouquet gathered from our yard and a very yummy french toast breakfast served up with fresh fruit (also picked from the property) and the best coffee ever.

I was then treated to a phone call from my family. I was able to speak to all I hold so dear, my mama, poppo, sister and brother. It was wonderful to hear all of their voices and to have that moment of togetherness.

Later in the afternoon, we treated ourselves to some ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop and some fun and silliness in the park. The day finished with a wonderful homemade dinner and a gorgeous sunset from our balcony.

I have learned many lessons in my time here on the island and I think the most profound is how to delight in the simple things.

Peace and Wellness,