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Friday, August 12, 2011

The New New Place!

As promised, here is the tour of our new place. It is in a beautiful complex with lots of outdoor space, uber yummy mango trees, coconut trees and avocado too! Those are the town houses to the left. We live in the apartment building featured on the right...on the top floor!

This is the visitor's parking as well as the main entrance to the building. Ours is the second balcony from the left up on the top...rather hidden behind the big tree in this shot...

Lots of pretty trees. There are even those fancy Fan Palms which you can kind of see here...

This is where the mango and avocado trees live...yummmmmmmmmmmmm!

Resident parking is actually under the building or on the ground level. What I love about this building is how open it is. You can see the floors above.

Look, Poppo! Mailboxes!! No more mail stuffed under the front door!

And there is a laundry room on the ground level as well. It is actually much bigger than this picture shows. This is just one corner on one side...

And a clothes line too!! Yippee!! This is the small clothesline area. There is a bigger one behind a pretty white fence over where the mango and avocado trees live.

We've also got an elevator, which is great for hefting laundry from the top floor all the way down here!

Once you get off the elevator on the top floor you can look down and see this cool architectural feature.

The building consists of three wings or blocks around a central hub. This is the view between wings.

This is our hallway or wing looking back towards the central hub.

Here's the same view just at a slightly different angle.

And here is our house! Please come in and make yourself at home! Coming soon, a proper "Welcome" mat and some lovely potted plants!

Inside. It's cozy and spacious all at the same time!

When you step through the front door, you are immediately in the kitchen. Hello, fancy new stove!

One of my favorite features of our new home is the slatted wood ceiling! Here in the kitchen it is painted a lovely white. It is left the natural wood color in the rest of the apartment. It gives off a nice scent as soon as you walk in! And it is about 20 feet high in the living room!!

We have 2 full bathrooms. Here is the downstairs one. Again, it has the wonderful wood ceiling! Oh, and there is a window in every room...

Next to the bathroom is the kidlets' bedroom. This is the only room with a plaster ceiling, but it is cool and cozy in here!

This is a not very great picture of the study/den/architecture office. It's next to the living room and balcony. But it has a great window with a view...see below...

Going up?! The master suite is in the loft above the kitchen. P.S. We love Spiral Staircases! P.P.S. I know, Mama, the geebas!! No worries, we will make it geeba friendly...

We have a second full bathroom upstairs and yes, those are jets in the tub!!!

There will be some great art made in this walk in closet turned studio!! Just wait and see!

Looking out the bedroom door to the main living area...

Going down...

The living space is small but we have this super cool balcony that makes it a whole lot bigger!!

Our make shift table and our view!

View to the right...

View front and center...and well I don't know why I didn't take the view to the left. I did try to take the view at night, but the photos don't do it justice...you'll just have to come see for yourself!

Someone is feeling right at home...

She likes it, she likes it!!

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Molly said...

I absolutely love your blog! What an amazing change for your family - such adventure! The new apartment is beautiful. Keep posting :)

Molly (friend of the Keelers)