The Lizard, the Rock and the Pipe: A Parable

There once was a Boy who was kind and compassionate. He had big ideas. He had a big vocabulary. He had a big determined soul. And he had a big desire to be accepted by the Big Boys in his neighborhood.

One day when the Boy was outside playing with the Big Boys, he came upon a Lizard. Now, the boy was fascinated with the many lizards that lived around his neighborhood. He would spend time watching them climb and run and eat bugs. He asked many questions about the lizards and generally enjoyed their company. However on this particular day, perhaps to gain favor with the Big Boys or perhaps it was just the Winds of Fate testing the young Boy, he determined that this particular Lizard was poisonous and should be banished. So the Boy found a Big Rock to throw at Lizard. Boy did not anticipate Lizard's sharp reflexes and quick speed. Lizard was gone to safety a millisecond after Big Rock left Boy's hand. Big Rock landed instead on a large water main pipe, smashing an impressive hole in it.

The Big Boys, knowing that the situation was not good, scattered. Boy stood alone, crying next to the broken pipe. Water continued to gush from the pipe all day and long into the night. When Sun came up again the next day, water was still pouring from the pipe, out into Boy's street and the many streets beyond his little neighborhood. The people had to step carefully around the puddles and the cars drove slowly through the raging waters. It was as if the rains had come and flooded the little neighborhood.

Boy looked around and questioned, "Why is there water everywhere?" Boy's father answered in a rather rough voice, "YOU, did this!" Boy hung his head in silence as he thought about how had caused the water to run through the streets. He thought about Lizard. He thought about life. He thought about how his actions affect those around him---and how this can be in a positive way or a negative way.

Boy's parents talked a boy, to each other, to other family order to find the best path through the situation. Boy's parents were more upset by Boy's attempt at harming Lizard than by the broken pipe. Life and nurturing Life for all creatures great and small is what they try to foster in their family.

Many moons and suns went by. The pipe got fixed. Boy moved to a new neighborhood. And Lizard got a new Big Rock to sun himself on in the hot and humid afternoons.