I recently attended an I Ching workshop which revealed more to me than I realized at the time. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese system for understanding and communing with nature, the cosmos, the elements, each other...

The Yin Yang Principle, Feng Shui, Tai Chi, the Tao, Chinese Astrology are all based on the I Ching or Book of Changes. The underlying philosophy is this: Life is Flow; Things Change; Our job is to accept Change and find Balance.

One of the biggest realizations for me during the workshop is that balance does not always mean 50/50. For example, the earth's atmosphere is balanced at 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. In humans, females are balanced with 70% female hormones and 30% male hormones and vice versa.

Many of Mo and I's struggles have come out of the belief that we each must contribute 50% to all aspects of the relationship. He earns 50% of our household income and I earn 50%. He cooks 50% of the time; I cook the other 50%. I bathe the kids half the time and he the other half and so on. In most cases this "balance" of contribution failed and left us feeling angry and frustrated. With this new perspective on balance we are rebuilding the infrastructure of our relationship. We are seeing with new eyes how each of us can contribute to make for a more sustainable, healthy and peaceful family life.
I learned a lot more during this powerful workshop and will be writing a number of posts about it in the coming weeks.
Until soon...
Peace and Wellness,


Elissa said…
LOVE this!! And so timely, too -- I just began another journey into more teacher training -- this time with Yin Yoga (Qi Kung). I've been studying the i Ching, Tao teh Ching, Taoist Shamanism, etc. and have just been mesmerized! Can't wait to read more about your discoveries! Love to you all in JA!
Rae said…
Awesome, E! I can't wait to study the I Ching on a deeper level. All the best on your journey!