My Dad

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My dad has taught me how to do many things: How to ride a bike, how to drive a car, how to balance a check book, how to make poached eggs on toast, how to be obsessive about ants, how to support a family, how to work hard, how to plant a garden, how to hammer a nail, how to do math the easy way...

He was always a patient teacher and always ready to help. He has never been a dad of many words. His presence is a silent and steady one. But his love and support is felt deeply...

I remember on my 18th birthday that I had a field hockey tournament. My mom was out of town and dad had to work. No one was going to be in the bleachers cheering for me...or so I thought. Our team was well into the second game when I looked across the field and saw Dad sitting quietly in the stands. He had taken a break from work to come support me. "Well, of course I would be here," he told me later with his usual pat on the back. He stayed to watch me be awarded the MVP medal for most goals scored. He has never missed any milestone great or small.

Thank you Poppo for all that you have done and continue to do for me! Happy Father's Day!
I love you!