Inhale Light, Exhale Darkness

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of our journey. June 15th marks the day we flew off into the unknown in the hopes of finding a new (and better) life. Although there have been some bumps along the path as we transition to island living, our overall quality of life has increased ten fold. We are a happier, healthier and more optimistic family.

Already we have made some beautiful friends who have helped us establish and nurture our transplanted roots. We have assessed what is important to us as a family and have carved out quality time to spend together even if it is just sitting on the swing under the mango tree enjoying the warm breeze. We saved and bought ourselves a car which we have named, Our Car Friday or Good Friday for short. So now we can enjoy relaxing Saturdays at the beach. We have recommitted to living in a more mindful and ecological way. Mo and I have found opportunities to advance our careers while furthering our commitment to live creatively. Most of all we have found joy. We laugh and smile and sing and laugh some more!

As I sat in my yoga class this morning, doing the pranayama and listening to the instructions of the teacher, tears began rolling down my cheeks. They were tears of release, joy and peace. With each exhale, I released a little more of the emotional weight I carried with me from Brooklyn. With each inhale, I opened my heart a little more to the joy I've found since moving here. As the teacher instructed, I exhaled darkness and inhaled light until I felt like I would float away. Her words touched my core and I realized how radical our family's move really was.

Wherever you may be in your journey, find joy, find peace, find light.


Melanie said…
Thia is lovely....following your heart! : ) xo