The Disruption

I haven't written about Warrior and Earth Mother lately because we haven't seen them since Easter. Whenever we attempt to make arrangements to see them, we are told they have plans. I haven't written much about being a blended step family because our relationship Warrior and Earth Mother's mother is a tenuous one and I fear a backlash if she felt the post was inappropriate.

I would like for the situation to be a different one...a cooperative one where Warrior and Earth Mother's interests are at the heart of every interaction. Instead there is silence...followed by a lot of yelling...and then more silence. So that brief moment of yelling is how we get information on Warrior and Earth Mother's well being. It is like a grenade thrown from a distance, blowing up and disrupting the flow of life. Then when the dust is settled it's back to silence and life as usual...only everyone involved feels a little more fragile, a little more vulnerable, a little more broken...

It is a frustrating cycle and it is time to put an end to it...but how?