Why Didn't I do This in Brooklyn?

There are some pretty simple things that I have been doing since our move and I've been wondering to myself...."Self, why didn't you do this in Brooklyn?"

1. Reading Blogs. Until I started writing my own, I never read a blog. It has become the perfect ritual with my morning tea/coffee. I've discovered that there are some really great people out there writing some really great/interesting/thought provoking/cool/beautiful/funny stuff. The blogs I currently read have offered a lot of encouragement and inspiration.

2. Making Seitan. It's so easy!! And Yummy!! What was I waiting for??

3. Hand washing clothes. Maybe it was because our basement laundry room in Brooklyn was dingy, smelly, creepy. Or maybe it is because now I have company when I wash and it's actually fun. Or maybe it's the great row of outdoor sinks we have that make hand washing easier. Anyway, I'm learning that it is quite meditative.

4. Drinking lots of juice. There was something I used to call the Brooklyn Grocery Dilemma. Which was this: walking to the grocery store and only being able to buy as much as you could carry home. This often led to forfeiting buying juice in order to buy (soy, almond, rice) milk since I could not carry both home. The abundance of fresh fruit and the replacement of coffee shops on every corner with juice bars on every corner have made this possible :)

5. Dusting our bookshelves. Dusting is my least favorite chore, but now I do it once if not twice a week! I attribute this to the amazing amount of sun that comes into our apartment which then shines brightly on all the dusty surfaces. Our Brooklyn apartment was dim and therefore I couldn't "see" the dust until it reached a very critical stage...gasp!!!

6. Urban gardening. Granted we, tried in Brooklyn...a little. But I'm realizing that we could have done so much more. Right now we are planning our garden (which will go in the front of our windows) and it will include: tomatoes, peppers (hot and not), onions, garlic, chives, potatoes, squash, callaloo, lettuces and other greens, herbs galore, pumpkin, flowers, carrots, celery and well, really whatever we can fit into the space!! It would be great if we could convince the management company to let us have a laying flock of hens...hmmm....

7. Making yogurt, granola bars, hummus, peanut butter, jam, butter, raw snacks...Maybe it was our uninspiring Brooklyn kitchen. But then again, this kitchen is pretty uninspired as well. I guess it may have more to do with cost and accessibility. These things were easy to find and relatively cheap in Brooklyn. They aren't here.

8. Spending most of the day outside. Okay, that one is kind of obvious!!


Valtline said…
I think the outdoor space explains a lot. Coming from someone who still does live in Brooklyn, the thing is is that it is just hard to get some basic things accomplished. Without a car, walking around to various locales can take up A LOT of free time! Especially when kids are involved. That's why I put my "need a backyard" comment. I would love to just let L run around and play outside unmoderated while I got some stuff done! It all comes down to space and convenience...
Rae said…
Yes, the outdoor space has been a GREAT thing!