My Mom

My Mom is: Energetic, Compassionate, Gentle, Loving, Nurturing, Funny, Creative, Sensitive, Beautiful, Encouraging, Silly, Patient, Kind, Passionate, Playful, Knowing, an Excellent Cook, a Good Listener, a Wise Woman and a Great Friend.

She has continually encouraged me to follow my dreams and to push boundaries. She has supported me in so many ways and taught me so much. Her love is never ending.
Happiest Mother's Day, Mama!
I love you!

(P.S. Mom, I now understand all those times when you said, "It will become more clear once you are a parent!" Thank you for always standing by me, always loving me, always being my biggest cheerleader!)


Vivian Daily said…
Beautiful tribute to your Mom Corey. You and Tyler and Amy are wonderful testament to her. Happy Mother's Day to you too.
Renee Bower said…
How beautiful!!! Your Mom is great! I'm sure she has loved reading your post. Enjoy Mother's Day on Jamaica!
elissa said…
Your Mama is so beautiful in so many, many ways ~ just as you are. How blessed are your babies!!!