A Traveling Momma

The Peaceful Housewife

We have recently bought our very first car! Hooray!! Mo and I love to travel and the new car means new adventures! This past weekend, we took our new car, whom we have affectionately named Friday, on our first of what we hope is many road trips.

We loaded up Friday with our bags and beach towels. We picked out a range of CD's to satisfy everyone's varied musical taste. We packed a bag of snacks and another of toys and books. Then we got in, buckled up and drove off.

Everything was going along smoothly until we were about a half hour away from our destination. Song woke up from her nap and began shrieking at the top of her lungs. She wanted out of her seat and she wanted out NOW!! Shine tried making silly faces at her. Earth Mother made soothing sounds to calm her. I reached behind the seat and held her fingers and tried to reassure her. Nothing seemed to work. The return trip was the same...

We are not parents who like to hear their children cry. We try our best to keep them calm and to help them through the rough patch by breathing deeply, tapping reflexology points and if they are able, finding the words to express their feelings. So what to do when you are in the car traveling??

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with wailing children strapped in a car seat? How do you keep your children calm while traveling?