Sunset along the North Coast

In a recent conversation with my sister, I gained a bit of clarity. (Sisters are great for that by the way...) I realized that this move to Jamaica was necessary so we could simply LIVE...not just exist and muddle through. Life, in this the physical plain, is much too short to waste even a drop of it. For so many years I had been in survival mode...just plowing through the days. I'm remembering now to stop and laugh, to smile, to watch the sunset, to listen to the breeze blow through the trees, to hug my kids, to simply be...

Are you living to LIVE?


rududu said…
Super happy that you feel this way and I totally know what you mean. Feels like we're finally getting there too. It's nice to be able to look at the birds and not feel the need to get on the your next "responsibility" all the time. Nice to find some balance. Really happy for you and yours!