A Blog Party!

The Peaceful Housewife

Being new to the world of blogging, I've been shy to really put myself out there and join the big ole blogosphere. But the Natural Parenting Party hosted by Jenny of The Peaceful Housewife, sounds like a great way to introduce myself to other bloggers and to find new blogging friends who are passionate about Natural Parenting.

Jenny was nice enough to provide us with an ice breaker to get the party started, so here goes:
  1. How many children do you have, and how old are they? I have two children, Shine 4 and Song 6 months. I also have two step children, Warrior 13 and Earth Mother 11. (I use nicknames on the blog mostly to protect my step children and my husband.)
  2. Do you have a partner, or are you a single parent? I'm very lucky to co-parent with my husband of 7 years.
  3. What are your “hot button” parenting issues? Spanking. I vehemently oppose it!! I was in great company in Brooklyn where nary a parent would speak of it except to express complete outrage. Now that we are in Jamaica, I am finding that it is a common form of discipline used both by parents and primary schools. Thankfully, there have been a number of child psychologists and child advocates speaking out against spanking and heading outreach programs to educate parents and communities about the adverse affects of hitting children. There has also been a bill proposed in Parliament to eliminate corporeal punishment from schools.
  4. Have you made any parenting choices that you didn’t think you would make before you were a parent, i.e. cloth diapering a child when you had previously thought it was disgusting? Yes, after many failed attempts at sleep training, we eventually let Shine cry it out. Thankfully we only needed to do it two nights for a total of 5 minutes each night.
  5. Is there one book or person in particular that’s heavily influenced your parenting choices? My mom. She is an extraordinary parent, educator and child advocate!!!
  6. If you had to describe each of your children using only one word, what word would you use? Shine, brilliant. Song, cheerful. Warrior, worldly. Earth Mother, inspired.
  7. Is there one parenting decision that you regret more than others and wish you could change? Yes! Before Shine was born, I had visions of raising a vegetarian family who ate only what our garden and local farmers could produce. It all went out the window when Shine turned 2 and discovered chocolate (and not the organic dark kind)...And he once sat at the table gnawing on a chicken leg while exclaiming, "I love meat!"
  8. Is there an area of your parenting you wish you were better at? Certainly! Patience...I need more patience!!
  9. Now for the fun questions – is there one particular food or type of food that you could eat every day? Avocados and Tomatoes
  10. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate? Ice cream is a rare treat these days but it is always CHOCOLATE!!
  11. What’s your guilty pleasure? Iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk.
  12. If you could be part of any television show, which show would it be? The only show I watched when we had a TV was LOST and I would most definitely LOVE to be a part of that show!


Diane (OhDiane) said…
Hi, I found you through the blog party link up page. I love the nicknames you have for your kids.
dulce de leche said…
Hi! I am so happy to have found your blog through the party! I love your children's nicknames. Beautiful! And I drink iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk on a daily basis--it is nectar from Heaven. :) Looking forward to more of your posts!
LOOOOOVE your blog Ital Mama! How did I not know about you???? :) I adore Jamaica. It has my heart. It has been 4 years since I was last there and I am longing for it. Glad to have found you through the blog party! Will be following!
One Rich Mother said…
Hello : )
Thank you for the words you left on my blog.
I see you also have a 6 month old, my twins are that age.
Us tomato fans need to stick together. : )
I hopped over from the NP blog party. I Laughed out loud with the chocolate / chicken story - that pretty much sums things up here too LOL!
Carrie said…
Happy to have found your blog through the NP party! I love Jamaica and it's where I got married!
Paige said…
Hello from the blog party! Spanking is my hot button issue too. It is so interesting to hear about attitudes in different countries. I'd love for you to participate in the Gentle Discipline Carnival in June!
Rae said…
Paige, that sounds wonderful! Thank you for the invitation. I'd love to participate!
I'm also popping over from the blog party to say hello. I'm ahppy to find another peacefully parenting mama