Rain and Waterfall at Spur Tree

Yesterday was World Water Day. (I seem to be coming late to all the parties these days...) One of my biggest fears is facing a future without potable water. I say a little, "Amen" right before drinking a nice tall glass of water. I do a happy dance whenever it rains. Because, let's face it, without water there is no life. Period.

My heart is aching at the reports coming from Japan that the drinking water in Tokyo is contaminated. I know of a number of communities here in Jamaica that are without piped water. Residents must go to a communal pump everyday to get water for all their basic needs. My home town is facing possible water contamination from hydrofracking, drilling for natural gas. New York City's wonderful tap water (really, it's the best water ever!) is also at risk from natural gas drilling. It is scary.

I urge everyone to find out where their water comes from and to PROTECT it! If you live in an area affected by hydrofracking, write to your congress and DEMAND strong regulations. If you are able, collect rainwater in a water catchment system. In honor of World Water Day, donate to UNICEF and help bring clean water to a child. And do your part to conserve water whenever possible!

If you would like to help Japan, here are a number of links to organizations taking donations:
American Red Cross
The Huffington Post
Handmade for Japan

Peace and Wellness,