Ever think about someone and then they call you on the phone? That is not a coincidence, it is synchronicity. We have the ability to connect with the energy that vibrates through all of us and draw our heart's most deep desires to us. Carl Jung was the first to coin the phrase sychronisty which he felt explained his theories of archetypes and the collective unconscious. When you are able to pick up on the "coincidences" and realize that they are actually meaningful encounters meant to advance you towards your life's purpose or sankalpa, it is a powerful thing. Thinking back on all the events that led me to this particular moment, the synchronicity is overwhelming.
My latest experience with sychronicity came just this week. There is a nearby yoga studio that I have been wanting to visit since we arrived. Many things have caused a delay in my ever getting there. At the beginning of the year I saw that they were hosting a Vision Board Workshop. (A vision board is a way to create synchronicity by literally creating a vision for your life.) Again, something prevented me from attending. But I must have put an unconcious call out to the Universe and it responded by sending me an email that there was going to be a second workshop! And just in case I didn't get the message, there was also an announcement on the radio about the workshop at the very moment I was thinking, I should register! Needless to say, I went and it was a truly amazing experience!
We began by introducing ourselves and we were then led through a guided meditation. After the meditation, we sipped some tea while working on our boards. I found that while I worked, healing, growing and green kept coming up as themes. Sharon, the owner of the studio and our guide for the evening, began asking me about some of the things appearing on my board. It turns out that she has a number of opportunities for me. And the more we talked, the more we both realized that there was real synchronicity happening!!
I went to the workshop with the hopes of making connections and finding community and that is exactly what happened. I look forward to watching the other things on my board manifest this year as my true purpose unfolds!
Peace and wellness,


brooklyn said…
that's AWESOME Corey!! I'm so happy for you! :*)
Rae said…
thanks brooklyn!