Celebration Time

We have been celebrating! The past few weeks have granted us many gifts and we are overwhelmed with gratitude. Parties and family gatherings, birthdays and milestones have all been welcomed, cheered, shared and enjoyed. Please join us in our happiness.

The Matriarch's Birthday

87 years young! The birthday girl looking beautiful in blue!




Baby Q's Shower

Sitting pretty before the festivities begin.

Earth Mother smiling big.

The Cheese Face! So that's where the family trait comes from!

The watchmen.

Playing games.

Baby Q enjoying some Ting.

Laughing hysterically. We ladies did a lot of that!

Loved the cake!

The big game winner and the Hostess with the Mostest!

Shine's First Day of School

"Cheese!" "I'm ready!!"

Through the gate.

A Citizen and A Legal Alien!

We're official!

Mo Designs a House

His first original design to be built, a gorgeous bungaloo in St. Mary

A Lovely Birthday!

My birthday bouquet made with love by Mo and Shine. It was supposed to be a surprise along with breakfast in bed, but Shine was so excited that he woke me up to say, "Mommy, Mommy, me and daddy and grandma are picking flowers and putting them in a pot for you! Come and see them!! Hurry, Hurry!"

After a ladies day of shopping with Earth Mother and Mom-in-law, Mo and I had a date night! He took me out for a fabulous dinner! We stuffed ourselves silly with yummy food!

Miss K's Christening

Looking adorable after being sprinkled with Holy Water.

With Mommy and Daddy waiting for the water.

And then there was cake!

We are family.