Our shipment from Brooklyn has finally arrived! After months of waiting and Mo (with the patience of Job) spending 11 hours at the wharf and numerous fees paid, our stuff is again, ours. I know I wrote not too long ago about living without so much stuff but there is a certain comfort in being able to eat off your own plates and view familiar faces smiling at you from picture frames. In all honesty, we really didn't ship much. 90% of our things consist of books and papers associated with our careers as artist and architect. The other 10% are sentimental items collected over the years whether they are photographs, works of art or bits of ephemera and memorabilia plus a few essentials for Baby Q and our kitchenware. Our tiny space is starting to feel more like home. Mentally, we are feeling less like we are on extended vacation and more like we are living here. The place is a mess with mounds of books and boxes everywhere, but it will all get sorted out soon enough. I'm feeling the nesting instinct kick in so it is actually enjoyable to open each box, unwrap the contents and think about where its new place will be.

Peace and Wellness,