A Few Things to Remember about Our New Home, Part 2

13. Before setting off to a Bureaucratic Office, remember to ask if there is a dress code!

14. After checking to see that you are attired properly to go to a Bureaucratic Office, remember to pack snacks because you will be there all day and if you leave, you give up your place in line.

15. Exceptions will sometimes be made for a very pregnant woman ignorant of the above.

16. People are always willing to help, but you must ask. And sometimes the answer will be so vague that you will have to ask a second, third or fourth opinion...but again, people are eager to be of assistance.

17. There is a huge difference between getting documents stamped by a Justice of the Peace and getting documents notarized by a Notary Public!

18. A Justice of the Peace does not perform wedding ceremonies. Nor do they keep "office hours" at a court house. They are elusive, upstanding citizens of the community that have a stamp which you need to prove a document to be official. But only certain documents.

19. Opening a bank account is akin to having a root canal...or at least I imagine it to be so. And will require multiple trips to the bank with various stamped and notarized documents.

20. Going to the post office is a bit like going to the circus. There is music and vendors and taxis and buses and dancing children and the occasional dog roaming around. The clown act is the only thing missing.

21. Booking a room at the hospital to deliver a baby is less hassle than opening a bank account.

22. It is true, the best place to eat an ice cream cone is on the lawn of Devon House.

23. Ants will invade the faucet in your shower of all places!

24. A 4 year old will quickly pick up the less savory local vernacular.

25. Repair people will give you a time frame for service and then come after the appointed time frame...just like in Brooklyn.

26. Music created by the band Chicago from the 1980's gets heavy air play on the radio.

27. Freshly squeezed orange juice on a Sunday morning is HEAVEN in a glass!

More to come, I'm sure...
Peace and Wellness,