Wash Day

Never have I been more excited about doing laundry! Not only do I find the outdoor laundry room enchanting with it's louvered windows and purple bougainvillea cascading from the roof,

but there is a clothesline!! That's right! My clothes can be kissed by the sun! Oh, to sleep in sheets that have been bathed in sun all day! I'm simply ecstatic! Plus, I get to use clothespins, for which I have a great fondness...

I'm also happy because the laundry room seems to be a gathering place. Unlike Brooklyn where most people couldn't wait to escape the dingy basement where the laundry room was located, people here relax, read the newspaper, swap stain battling methods...just plain chat while waiting for their clothes! It's quite refreshing and I'm sure the other women doing laundry are just as bemused by me and my methods as I am about them and theirs. I confess to being one of those drop and run characters who never took much time with the laundry in Brooklyn, so to see the women scrubbing with brushes and using this seemingly magical product--cake soap--
is fascinating to me. (Cake soap by the way, is this super industrial strength soap which is used on whites to get them looking crisp and fresh...probably not very eco-friendly...but it certainly does make your whites lovely.) The women were shocked that I had never heard of it. They were also stunned that I didn't add any fabric softener to my wash. "It's a must!" they told me.

Most people use powdered detergent, including us, because it is cheaper than the liquid detergent...however, it makes the clothes feel very stiff and rough. I'm still researching products and retailers where we can purchase more environmentally friendly products. I have also been reading about making your own laundry detergent. I want to do some shopping around to see if we could save money this way. I figure, I have the time and the space, so why not give it a try! If it works out, then I'll have my own laundry tip to share with the other washing ladies...

Peace and Wellness,


Heather said…
Hi sweetness!

My best friend makes her own laundry soap---and she hangs all her clothes out to line dry too!

I'll see if she has a good recipe for you!

Glad you're settling in...and getting lots of tips!

Rae said…
yeah! that would be great to have a recipe! i have to look into whether or not it is cost effective to get all the ingredients. if they have to be imported, it costs a lot more. if i can source them locally, then we're in business!

thanks for following along!