Sunday Rituals

We have always tried to keep Sunday as a quiet kind of family day. And we have always kept some sort of Sunday ritual. In Brooklyn, we would tune in to a local independent radio station and listen to old time blue grass and country music while pancakes were cooked in the kitchen. If it was a nice afternoon, we would head to one of our favorite parks to enjoy the outdoors. Or we would visit with friends and share good food and good conversation.

We are finding that Sundays here are similar. Most of the shops and businesses are closed and unless folks are heading out to church, well they stay in and relax. We found a radio station this morning that was playing some great mellow R & B from the '50's. I'm sure pancakes would have been cooking in the kitchen, if we had our pancake pan. (Mo has a very particular frying pan that he must make the pancakes in and it's being shipped along with our other belongings.) Although, we are going to have to find a topping other than pure maple syrup to dress them. Sadly there are no maple trees down yonder and the imported maple syrup is exorbitant! I vote for honey, which is yummy and there are many local bee keepers, but we are open to suggestions!

But back to what was cooking in the kitchen. We decided it was the perfect day to try our hands at butter making. I think the one and only time I made it was in second grade as part of class project. I just remembered a lot of shaking...which is really all there is to it. Get some heavy cream, pour it in a jar with a lid and shake until you can't shake it any more! Shine thought it was a hysterical process and giggled hysterically as we each took a turn shakin' it up. Even Baby Q got in on the action. Shaking the cream in a jar takes a bit of time and a lot of energy, but it is certainly a lot of fun too! A speedier way to reach butter is by using an electric mixer, which is good I guess for making larger quantities. But for our first time, I think we enjoyed watching everyone dance around and laugh out loud.

Shine's Butter Churnin' Groove

After we could shake no more, we opened the lid to reveal a solid ball of butter floating in buttermilk. We drained off the buttermilk, rinsed the solid butter in cold water to empty it of buttermilk and then transferred it to a tuperware container.


The next step of course was to toast some yummy whole wheat bread from JoJo's and spread our delicious creation all over it.


After getting our grooves on, we settled in for some granola making goodness. This used to be one of my favorite things to make when I was in college living in a quaint little house on the edge of campus. I shared the house with 4 other students who were devoted to living a more simple and sustainable life style. We were all vegetarians and shared the responsibilities of cooking and cleaning. Sundays were our big days to bake and cook together. The kitchen was filled with music, laughter and delicious aromas. In the evening, we would all sit down together for a home cooked meal. I couldn't imagine Sundays being any other way...

For the granola, we used coconut oil, agave nectar, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and dried cranberries. Oh and oats of course. Everything was progressing smoothly until it came time to toast it in the oven. The pilot light is not lit continuously so we have to light it manually whenever we want to use the oven or the burners. Apparently the oven has not been used often because our first attempt came up cold after a half hour of waiting. Mo crawled under the broiler for a second time and finally got the pilot lit in a blaze of glory but it took an awful long time to get warm. Finally, after about 2 hours of patiently waiting and stirring and waiting, we got this:

In the end, it was worth the wait. But I think next time, I'll just forgo the oven and toast it in a shallow pan on the burner!

Until soon...
Peace and Wellness,


brooklyn said…
mmmmm.. the granola looks delicious! :) Could I just toast quaker oats w/ some oil in a pan w/ some other additives to make granola?
Rae said…
yeah, you need to use the old fashioned oats, not the quick oats...about 2 tablespoons of oil and then some sweetner. the best way to do it is mix it in a big bowl and then spread on a cookie sheet and toast it in the oven, stirring often with a wooden spoon. i add the dried fruit and nuts after it is all cool. otherwise they get crispy.
Heather said…
I love doing stuff like that with the kids too...we make granola all the time. It's the perfect snack!

Glad you're settling in...if you need syrup, I am pretty sure I know a girl who'd ship you some! :)
elissa said…
You just made me a wee bit teary-eyed remembering our days at Farm House! Good times with great friends!! :)
Rae said…
Aww, Lis, now I'm all teary eyed. (Hormones!!) I know, I miss those days too! Once we get a little more settled, we are hoping to revive the vegetarian potluck here! Miss you lots!