I love Farmer's Markets. Fresh food, friendly faces, supporting the local's all good, good, good. So one of my first missions once we got settled here was to seek out a nearby market where we could purchase our produce and meet some locals. I knew about the Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET) from some internet research I did before we landed, so I thought I'd call them first to get some recommendations. JoJo's was at the top of their list. I was sold when they told me that they also have a recycling drop off point there.

So on this lovely Saturday with the sun shining in the bright blue sky and a cool breeze blowing, we decided to venture out to JoJo's to see what we would find. We found more than we expected and we were certainly not disappointed! Not onlywere there veggies galore, but there were health food items, local eggs and meats, a fresh fish stand featuring the catch of the day, fresh squeezed juices and a jerk center with home cooked goodness, live music on Saturdays and a fully stocked bar! Oh yeah, and the recycling center and reusable shopping bags!

After picking out our groceries, we decided to sit under a shade tree and have some lunch at the jerk center and enjoyed the fresh food and lively atmosphere! I can certainly see this becoming a Saturday ritual. And I think we would all very much enjoy it!

Stay tuned to see what we cook with our bounty!
Peace and wellness,