Domestic Diva

Mondays have become my cleaning and washing days. It's nice to get the apartment in order for the week and spend the other days exploring Kingston. This morning we all woke up extra early which gave us some time for snuggling in bed together. Once Baby Q heard big brother Shine climb into the bed, it did a little happy good morning dance.

After breakfast was cleared away and Mo was off to work, Shine, Baby Q and I were off to the laundry room. I was certain we would be the only ones in the laundry at such an early hour, but Miss Gloria already had two lines strung to dry and was scrubbing some more. "Good morning! How is the little girl this morning?"...Miss Gloria is certain Baby Q is a girl. Shine was excited to help me load up the washer with the dirty clothes but once the machine was running, he was off to play with clothespins which apparently make great swords for transformers...who knew?

When all of our laundry was blowing gently in the bright morning sun, I moved on to cleaning the inside of the apartment. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I actually like to clean! I make my own cleaning products using distilled white vinegar, baking soda and a few drops of tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties and lemon oil just because it smells so good and today I added some fresh lime to the mix...oh, it was delightful!

We have these crazy straight from the '80's, Miami-vice style, mirrored closet doors in our bedrooms. Seriously, we just need the waterbed! They will be the bane of my existence because well, they are just tacky and because Mo seems to have an aversion to closing them and because they are constantly full of fingerprints! (And sometimes the fingerprints have a nice extra coating of peanut butter on them!) But today, I conquered them with my super all powerful, yummy smelling All Purpose Cleaner! Boy, you should see how they shine now! After spraying them down with the vinegar and water solution, I wiped them with recycled newspaper which we have in abundance in the laundry room. (Since the move we have gone paperless...meaning no more paper towels...rags, soft cloths, newspaper, cloth towels only!)

Feeling victorious, I moved on to the kitchen. Again, our kitchen has a peculiar layout with random cabinets way out of reach. They are useful only for squirreling away items we never use...which is exactly what I did...after spraying down the counter and stove top and making the tea kettle shine. (Yes, the all purpose cleaner is great for that too...vinegar is a powerful grease combatant!) I tried rearranging a few items in an attempt to make the space more Feng Shui, but the space is just so limiting. Anyway, just as I was finishing up, Shine asked if we could make granola and butter. We had just made butter yesterday, but I figured, what the heck and let him shake away. This time we added raisins to the granola along with some pure cane sugar for some extra sweetness...yum!

By the time the kitchen got re-cleaned and snacks were had, it was time to take the clothes off the line. When they were all neatly folded and put away, it was already time for dinner. Phew! Where had the day gone?! Luckily the fridge was packed with leftovers from the weekend...roasted breadfruit...yum!...among other goodness. I just had to make a quick tomato, cucumber and avocado salad and dress it with...yes, vinegar! But this time I used apple cider vinegar and I left out the tea tree oil of course!!

So now, I'm tired, but happy.
Until soon,
Peace and Wellness

A Glimpse of Me and Baby Q and our Miami-Vice Closet Doors!

For the curious, here are my recipes:

All Purpose Cleaner (and take me seriously when I say all purpose...I use this for everything from cleaning the shower to the kitchen counters and stove top to the windows and floors!)
1 part distilled white vinegar
4 parts water
2 drops tea tree oil
2 drops lemon essential oil or fresh lemon or lime juice
Put it all in a spray bottle and go crazy!
A tip: For streak free windows and mirrors use recycled newspaper instead of paper towels or a rag.

Scouring Powder (for when your sink and tub need a good scrub!)
I keep this mixture in a mason jar and sprinkle as needed.
Baking Soda
2-3 drops of tea tree oil
2 drops of lemon oil
2 drops of juniper berry oil (because I like the piney smell)
I don't add fresh juice to this mix as it can get pasty and gross, but I may squirt half a lemon or lime into my tub/toilet/sink after I've sprinkled the mixture. I then use a gentle scrubbing pad from the grocery store and viola, soap scum be gone!


Sarah said…
Love, love, LOVE hearing about your new life! I hear you on the fingerprints, and I love to clean as well. Which is good, because with a preschooler, a toddler, and a soon-to-be newborn, there will be no shortage of things to clean! Will have to try your cleaner recipes...
Heather said…
Look at your cute tummy!


And...I could eat avocado for every meal every day for the rest of my life and die happy. I love it.

Louise said…
You're amzing! I love your posts, and am glad to read you're doing well:)
Anonymous said…
I think I've had that spray cleaner before, but in a little tumbler on ice with a tiny paper umbrella... Bobby C.
Rae said…
thank you, sarah! i'm certainly enjoying sharing our experiences with everyone and i'm glad folks are enjoying reading about them!

heather, i'm in heaven right now as it is both mango season and avocado season...two of my most favorite foods! the avocados here are bigger and sweeter with more water in their flesh than the haas avocado's we are used to in the states so they don't make great guacamole. but it's all good because there aren't any corn chips anyway :( but sliced on some bread with tomatoes they are divine!!!!

thank you, louise! i appreciate your kind words! although we miss our friends and family in the states, we are really feeling great about our decision to move. there are endless opportunities for us here!

ha-ha, bob! i'm sure you have!!