House Warming

Our house has been blessed with its first house plant, a beautiful orchid from Mo's Mom. She is the plant lady and was happy to bring a bit of green to our new home. We are slowly making the space our own. We are still waiting on our things to be shipped from New York. Once they arrive, the apartment will definitely feel more like our own. So, what you have all been waiting for; a picture tour of the new life...

We live in a complex of about 30 units with plenty of greenery all around. This is a view of the front of our building and the coconut trees that reside there. Our apartment faces the front and receives plenty of bright sunshine!

These are our windows. The center one is actually a sliding glass door/wall in the main living space. The two smaller windows are the bedrooms. And below the windows are 3 substantial planting areas that will be our future garden!!

A close up of the coconut tree. I love to hear the wind rustle their large fronds!

This is a view from the front yard of the mountains. They are everywhere you look in Kingston.

This is the side of the building and our main entrance.

And this is the back where you can see a corner of the badminton court which also serves as the futbol court and the bike riding area.

These are the little flats behind the main building. There are 2 full apartments and the office for the managing company. Oh, and the swing which hangs between 2 mango trees.

More backyard.

Shine on the swing. One of his favorite places to be. (Mine too actually because it is shady and cool.)
We counted 6 mango trees in the back. This is one of them.

This is the little path to our laundry room which you see pictured in the back. More on doing laundry soon...

Inside our little space looking into the kitchen. We are hoping to do some renovations and the kitchen will be the first on our list. We are making it work although feng shui it is not!

Peering into Mo and I's room.

The living/dining room.

Shine's room complete with Uncle T's retro transformer sheets.

Mo and I's room.

This is both Mo and I's favorite piece of furniture in the place...a little stool in our bedroom. The apartment came furnished and although we are grateful that we did not have to ship all of our furniture from Brooklyn, we miss having our own eclectic sense of style.

As always, there will be more soon. Until then,
Peace and Wellness...


nessa said…
oo! look at all that space! i'm so pleased for you all!
Moa said…
How long until all of your things arrive? I know they left much before you guys did.
Glad to know you're settling in. Missing you tons!
Love you all.