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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ants--they're industrious little creatures. Not to mention social and very complex. Their societal structure can rival many human colonies across the world. I must admit that I admire them. They perform great feats relative to their size and when met with adversaries, are extremely resilient.

And, they are everywhere down here. They are a way of life. Just don't step on one of their hills because these little bugs (and I do mean little...tinier than the ones back in Brooklyn) bite. I found out the hard way when touring the farm at my in-laws. Earth Mother suffered the same fate. She was reaching for a hibiscus flower while I was investigating a pear (avocado) tree. Oooh, do they sting. Earth Mother had tears welling up in her eyes. I danced around as if my foot were lit aflame. Luckily the stinging fades quickly.

Now most will agree that, it's all well and good when the ants are outside and you are in their territory, but like I said, the ants are everywhere. They encroach upon your territory too. In Brooklyn they would be pests and all sorts of remedies from traps to chemical sprays to cayenne pepper would be employed to rid them from your space. Here, they are just...well...here. Outside and inside are so fused that it can't be expected that the bugs stay put. Although there are screens on our bedroom windows, there are none on our sliding wall. Window and door screens are actually rare down here. The windows have louvers on them that when closed keep out the bugs but they also keep out the good things too like the sunshine and the cool breeze. Having access to the outdoors is paramount here. I doubt you'd find anyone who would argue with that. So what we would consider a pest is just an accepted guest in these parts. Being of the Zen Buddhist philosophy that all creatures great or small have a purpose on this earth and are not to be harmed...well, I can accept the ants. Although I would certainly attempt to re-locate them if they happened to discover the food in our pantry...

Peace and Wellness...

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